Awareness and Effects of Ocular Cosmetics among Females In Abadawa Community, Saminaka, Lere Local Government Area, Kaduna State, Nigeria

Abubakar N. Salihu

School of Post Basic Ophthalmic, Nursing National Eye Center Kaduna, Nigeria.

Musa Danjuma *

Department of Community Ophthalmology, Research and Data Management Unit, National Eye Center Kaduna, Nigeria.

Dogara Samaila

School of Post Basic Ophthalmic, Nursing National Eye Center Kaduna, Nigeria.

Kode Sunday

School of Post Basic Ophthalmic, Nursing National Eye Center Kaduna, Nigeria.

M. B. Alhassan

Department of Vitreoretinal, National Eye Center Kaduna, Nigeria.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Title: A study on, Awareness and Effects of Ocular Cosmetic among females in Abadawa Community Saminaka, Lere Local Government, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

Objective: The main objective was to identify the; level of awareness of the common ocular cosmetics used, the effects experienced, and possible ways of overcoming the effects.

Methods: The study utilized a descriptive design out of the 502 targeted populations, 100 respondents were sampled using Nwana’s decision rule and a Simple random sampling technique was used in data collection from the respondents.

Results: Findings revealed that; the majority; 82 (91.1%) of the respondents were aware of the effects of ocular cosmetics, the majority; 46 (46.0%) of the respondents use 3-4 different types of ocular cosmetics at a time also, the common ocular cosmetic being used among others were; majority 59 (65.5%) eye shadow. While, Majority 82 (82.0%) have experienced the ocular effect, Among the effects experienced; were: majorities; 31 (31.0%) eye tearing and 13 (13.0%) eye itching. Among the way forward are; the majority 29 (29.0%) health education against the use of and the majority 38 (38.0%) think to go natural without makeup.

Conclusion: In conclusion, there is a good awareness of the effects of ocular cosmetics among the respondents but still lack in-depth knowledge of the latent effects which normally arouse later in life. It was recommended that; Government, NGOs, and health workers in generals specifically Nurses should increase an awareness campaign on the effects of ocular cosmetics among the female gender. Also, Government should make policies that will guide the manufacturing industries in making ocular cosmetics to meet the best world standards.

Keywords: Cosmetics, ocular; target population, Abadawa, Saminaka, Lere, Kaduna, Nigeria

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Salihu, Abubakar N., Musa Danjuma, Dogara Samaila, Kode Sunday, and M. B. Alhassan. 2023. “Awareness and Effects of Ocular Cosmetics Among Females In Abadawa Community, Saminaka, Lere Local Government Area, Kaduna State, Nigeria”. Asian Journal of Research in Nursing and Health 6 (1):10-21.


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