The Effect of Nursing Documentation and Communication Practices on Patient Safety Practices in the Pemalang Ashari Hospital

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Herisiyanto .
Kohar Sulistyadi
Soehatman Ramli
Syahfirin Abdullah


This study aims to analyze the practice of communication and documentation practices in nursing and the relationship of its influence with patient safety at Ashari Pemalang Hospital. The scope of the research is on the practice of communication and documentation practices carried out in the nursing practice as well as the links and their effects on patient safety. This study uses a quantitative analytic approach with the instrument used i.e. questionnaire. Research data obtained by observation; library research and interviews. The population in this study were all nurses in the treatment room at Pemalang Ashari Hospital as many as 200 nurses. The sample for the purpose of this study was taken using the Slovin Formula which was obtained as many as 133 nurses. Based on the results of this study note that nursing communication and documentation in the nursing process at this hospital has a positive and significant effect on patient safety practices. Simultaneously the two variables have a positive and significant effect on the safety practices of patients undertaking treatment. Generally nurses practice communication with patients, and carry out documentation of the nursing process undertaken by patients. Patients who obtain health services at this hospital obtain a good guarantee of safety. This study shows that the documentation variable in the nursing process has a positive and greatest influence on patient safety practices with an estimated standard based on the results of the analysis with the SEM Model at 0.455. While the effect of nursing communication is only at 0.249. Results of this study, patient safety practices more influenced by the role of documentation in the nursing process.

Nursing communication, nursing documentation, patient safety.

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., H., Sulistyadi, K., Ramli, S., & Abdullah, S. (2020). The Effect of Nursing Documentation and Communication Practices on Patient Safety Practices in the Pemalang Ashari Hospital. Asian Journal of Research in Nursing and Health, 3(1), 10-19. Retrieved from
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