Clinical Scholarship in Nursing: A Myth or Reality in Nigeria?

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Clara Agbedia


Clinical scholarship has been described as a cornerstone to quality nursing care. Clinical practice is a valued component in nursing as a practice profession, but there is dearth of research in nursing literature on how clinical practice contributes to nursing scholarship.

This paper explores ways by which clinical scholarship can enhance nursing’s contributions to improving healthcare delivery and the health of the nation. The premise is that better education of the nurse clinicians will influence policy decision regarding nursing service design and delivery. The ultimate goal of the presentation is that clinical scholarship will not only improve patient care, it will increase job satisfaction, improve professional growth, create interest in collaborative research and partnership. Another message to be conveyed in this paper; it gives the nurse practitioner an inspiration on the benefit of clinical scholarship and how a framework for clinical scholarship can be developed in Nigeria.

Clinical scholarship, clinical practice, collaborative research and partnership.

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