Knowledge and Practice on Prevention of Domestic Accident among Mothers of under Five Children: Descriptive Study

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P. Thenmozhi
S. Sabeetha
R. Nandhini


Introduction: Domestic accident is accident which takes place in the home or in its adjacent surroundings which is a worldwide public health problem. It is inevitable due to curiosity, locomotor and manipulative skills of under-five children so safe practices and precautionary measures to be followed by the mothers to protect and prevent from domestic accident.  Hence the study was conducted with the aimed to assess the level of knowledge and practice on prevention of domestic accident among mothers of under-five attended OPD at selected rural health centre.

Materials and Methods: Descriptive study was carried out with 60 samples that met the inclusion criteria were selected using convenience sampling technique. Demographic variables were collected followed by variables associated with knowledge and practice on prevention of domestic accident was assessed by using multiple choice questionnaire and observational checklist. Interview method was adopted to collect the data on one to one basis. The data were tabulated and analyzed by descriptive and inferential statistics.

Results: The finding of the study reveals that Out of 60 participants, 32 (53%) had adequate knowledge and 29 (48.4%) had best practice of prevention of domestic accident and there is a statistically significant positive correlation between the level of knowledge and level of practice on prevention of domestic accident.

Conclusion: The results of the finding is alarming therefore there is need to establish rapid and active measures to prevent domestic accident through different means of education program such as mass media thereby could make the parents to be aware of supervision of environmental conditions, elimination of hazardous conditions from where the child live and play which may help to prevent accident among children.

Domestic accident, domestic injuries, home accident, knowledge, mothers of under-five children, practice, under-five children.

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Thenmozhi, P., Sabeetha, S., & Nandhini, R. (2020). Knowledge and Practice on Prevention of Domestic Accident among Mothers of under Five Children: Descriptive Study. Asian Journal of Research in Nursing and Health, 3(4), 65-70. Retrieved from
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