Analysis of Nutritional Status and Major Chronic Conditions in Older Adults: A Cross Sectional Study

Erinma Fortuna Pepple *

Department of Community Medicine, Rivers State University, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Nigeria.

Ekechi Stella Amadi

Department of Internal Medicine, Rivers State University, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Nigeria and University of South Wales, Pontypridd, United Kingdom.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Background: Nutrition is an important factor in the ageing process and a significant contributor to future health. The ageing process involves physiologic changes that affect appetite, digestion and body composition. Chronic diseases and chronic conditions in the elderly population can be significantly reduced through adequate and timely nutritional intervention. Maintaining healthy behaviour like eating a balanced diet greatly contributes to reducing the risk of non-communicable diseases.

Methods: A study of 126 older adults who were admitted into various wards was selected purposively for this study. 122 were fit enough to undergo BMI measurements were included. The hospital records of respondents were looked and the fasting lipid profile, fasting blood glucose and blood pressure values were documented within the period of admission; the number of those was found to be 37, 84 and 122 respectively. The data was analyzed and inferential statistics using chi square (ꭓ2) was employed to determine the degree of association between the various conditions and statistical significance was set at a p value <0.05.

Results: A great majority of respondents (44%) were retired.  Half of those with obesity (50%) had elevated fasting blood glucose. Underweight was more in women (≈70%), was highly associated with dyslipidemia (100%) and was associated highly with inadequate diet (62%).

Conclusion: Overall the study showed a no significant statistical relationship with BMI and the major chronic disorders in older adults which were diabetes mellitus, dyslipidemia and hypertension. Nutritional assessment parameters such as BMI and 24 hours dietary recall may not be enough to assess the nutritional status of older adults but remain non-invasive assessment tools that can guide the physician in management of nutritional insufficiency that can arise from chronic disorders in older adults.

Keywords: Chronic disorders, BMI, hypertension, nutrition, blood pressure

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